I get into Berlin around midday tomorrow and am hitting the ground running. Once I get my market badge I am straight off to see Ben Arntz, who recently sent me draft three of the script. We’re going to jam on it some more this weekend I hope.

I’ve got meetings with all sorts of wonderful people over the course of the weekend, so it should be quite productive. Once I’m back, we’re full steam ahead upon contacting cast and crew. The guys have already been whittling down the applications for cast and it has been a mammoth task. They’ve been having to build potential families, so looks, previous experience, showreels and covering letters have all been playing a part in who is being selected for auditions.

Meanwhile, Andy Paton has been prepping them for considerations around the workflow, and how we get so many scenes shot, edited and on that screen in such a short time frame.

And I’ve been sorting sponsorship, which took a big leap yesterday, but we’ll wait until it is all firmed up before sharing anything!

Busy times.



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