Where this’ll all end up – THE GIANT SCREEN

We’ve recently locked in the screening details for the 72 Project in Birmingham, and we’re really excited. We wanted the 72 followers to know about it first before we push it out to a wider audience in the coming weeks. We’re going to screen ‘The Confusion of Tongues’ at The Giant Screen at Millennium Point on Sunday 20th July 2014, with a programme of events starting at 5pm.



The work will now go into developing a workflow that can end up on a screen of this size. Whilst the auditorium is marginally smaller than the one we filled in Melbourne, the screen is much larger. But we love a challenge, and it is the best screening venue in Birmingham by a long way, so we are delighted to be there.

As mentioned a couple of times recently, we’ll be offering up a few tickets soon  for those of you that have been supporting us in these early stages. We really appreciate it!

James and the 72 Team.

P.S. For those of you who aren’t sure, the screening date is the week after the FIFA World Cup finishes, so you have no excuses.


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