Tech specs

It was four years ago that we managed to shoot a 72 on a RED workflow and almost kill Mike Fisher (the workflow manager) in the process. Four years in technological terms are ages – the iPad was first released in 2010 and there have been five versions of it since. So we must revisit all of the technical specifications to generate a way of making a film in 72 hours. We could obviously repeat the process that we used before, but there’d be no point, right? We’re supposed to be creating a comparable product to regular cinema, so we must use their tools.

The process for this basically involves research and testing, but unlike the previous times when the circumstances of each festival played a part in influencing the workflow (how it would be screened etc), this time around we are a bit freer to experiment. In the coming months we’ll be getting our hands onto kit and ‘test driving’ it under the similar circumstances that we’ll face on a 72. Here’s a video from back in May 2010 after we’d been testing the RED gear in Pinewood.

We’ve got lots of considerations to take into account, not least the area of our previous weakness – putting too much pressure on our editors. How we solve the post production problems probably starts in the production space. As always, we’ll keep you posted as we make these decisions on kit.



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