Being busy and blogging silence

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how the blog goes quiet, creating a sense of inertia, when in actual fact, we’re too busy to blog! This is the case right now.

The team are ploughing through as many casting responses as possible, shortlisting individually and only approving or rejecting when there is consensus with another member of the team. Sounds long winded but we needed a process that didn’t overlook the next Johnny Depp just because someone got click-happy on the reject button. We promise that if you sent in your application for our consideration, we are actually considering it. It just takes time!!!

Elsewhere, the search for a final screening venue is coming to a conclusion. We should hopefully have news on that very soon. Likewise sponsorship. We’re also working on ways to make the project more environmentally friendly too. We’ll be sharing those details with you in future. There’s also progress in a few other areas too, but we’re going to hold back on sharing it until we have more time to make a juicy blog post about it. That’s right, I used the word ‘juicy’.

For now, have some kittens AND ducklings, because January is difficult and we like to help.




2 thoughts on “Being busy and blogging silence

  1. Hi James,

    I’ve been really enjoying your blog posts, very informative and entertaining.

    Just wanted to make sure you received my level of acting interest from the email sign up?

    I co-produced and acted in the successful British Horror Mystery Thriller ‘The Casebook of Eddie Brewer’. Shot in Birmingham with an all midlands cast and crew ( apart from well known actor Peter Wight) it’s been a roaring success. We released it last year on DVD and Bluray.

    This time with my producers hat firmly off I’m looking forward to potentially being involved. I’m shooting another Birmingham feature as we speak ‘Fun with Caravans’ written and directed by Steve Rainbow for 104 Films. Great fun so far…

    I look forward to your next blog, keep up the good work.


    Sean ;o)   SEAN CONNOLLY  Email: or Mobile: 07952 575 838 Landline: 0121 603 2200   NEW ‘ACTING’ WEBSITE COMING SOON!

    On-line profiles:

    Voice Over Website:  SoundCloud: Acting Website:  Twitter: Spotlight:  Casting Call Pro:  Casting Networks: IMDB: You Tube:   

    1. Wowzer. Thank you for getting in touch. I did receive your email but didn’t send you (and six others on the same day) a response. It’s taking us a while to sort though the hundreds of people that have got in touch but I’m sure there is a way to be involved 🙂 Thanks once again! James

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