Numbers then, numbers now.

No-one likes to feel like a number because it is dehumanising. We know that, and we love you because of all your character traits – good and bad (but please stop chewing your toe nails).

However, we do use numbers as a measurement of engagement. Whilst numbers are clumsy ways of determining whether the engagement was quality or not (see some blockbuster movies), they are the currency of things like sponsorship and fund-raising. As whilst we are largely in this for the love of it, we still need money to pay for the essentials. And therefore we need numbers.

More critically, we need the numbers to go up. And they have been going up! In fact, since we announced in August 2013 that we would attempt a 72 in Birmingham, the web site traffic more than quadrupled in size before the end of the year. And January has dramatically smashed December’s figures too. We’re delighted. In fact, we’re so delighted that there’ll hopefully be some way of saying ‘thank you’ before the end of the month.

The important thing to mention is that the growth so far has been organic, inasmuch as we haven’t paid for any publicity or promotion. Not a press release has passed our lips. This will change in the coming months as the project continues to grow but we’re not taking the grassroots for granted. We know that no-one likes to feel like a number, and we’ll be working on making you (yes, you) feel special.

“Yeah right!” the cynic squeaks, “how are you going to do that?”

You’ll have to wait and see.

James and the 72 team


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