72@Berlinale: five years


This is my fifth year of taking the 72 Project to Berlin, as it was 2009 when we screened ‘Watching & Waiting’ in Madame Claude. We’ve screened all sorts of movies in all sorts of places and made lots of friends but unfortunately this year there’s only time for a fleeting visit. Whereas last year I had ten days at the Talent Campus, this time around is a glorified weekend with lots to do.

In previous years, Berlin has always been a chance to get the people in the room who are usually spread all over the globe. When you are making a film in Galway or Melbourne, with your crew spread all over the world, meeting in Berlin is of super-importance. This time around it is arguably less important in light of making a 72 on home turf. In actual fact, it is in the way of the iFeatures information day, which is in Birmingham on the 6th February, about three hours after I get on a plane out of town. ¬†However, it is still critical to go this year as I’m keen to develop the script face-to-face with Ben and also develop the links with a few different organisations emerging through links at Talent Campus and Potsdam. There’ll obviously be more blogs on these adventures to come.

One of the benefits of Berlinale is the legacy and continuity of it having been there for so many years. It is easy to meet up on a yearly basis without having to organise ad-hoc meetings. Similarly, it is possible to catch up with the people who are usually too busy to get out of their offices to see you elsewhere in the year. Especially in the European Film Market, where much of this contact would take months of research.

Here’s some pics from the some of the 72 parties over the years. I’ve realised that I don’t have as many as I’d like. Largely because we’ve been hanging out in dark rooms and with our fingers too cold to take pictures on cameras. However, if you’re reading this and have some pictures from these lovely times, please email them to me!

If you are going to be in Berlin and you want to meet up despite the lack of a 72 party, please get in touch with me too. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on what everyone is doing with their lives!



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