Notes from Dublin

I’ve had a day and a half with the MSc Digital Feature Production students in Dublin. I’m exhausted but excited. They are on the threshold of one of the most ambitious projects in micro budget filmmaking – two features to be shot and screened by the summer. Before this Herculean effort is one of the most ambitious crowd funding campaigns in Irish history, aiming to raise €40k in 40 days. I’ll be championing their efforts here as I’ve already documented how the whole exercise is a permanent extension of our fleeting 72 experience in Galway. The whole programme is infused with the maxim that ‘together we are stronger’, which is unusual for film schools, where the emphasis is usually on the individual and the love affair with auteur theory.

Back in our 72 camp, I’m getting ready for my own MSc students returning back to the project after their festive break. Hopefully everyone is rested as we have a hard slog ahead ourselves. You should expect to see a fair amount of news being pumped out soon as we accelerate our efforts through the pre-production of ‘The Confusion of Tongues’. Crowd funding, casting, crew selection and music are all a priority over the coming weeks.

In summary, three films in the next six months (with a possible fourth). I hope you’re ready for the ride!



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