An embarrassment of riches

We’ve had an outstanding response to our casting call for ‘The Confusion of Tongues’. Over 270 applications in eight hours from two websites, which is really incredible. Gabby and I received 350 for Peppermint through the entire process, so to receive 270 in one day is incredible. Granted the ensemble cast has provided lots of scope for involvement, but it is still great to be getting such a great response, especially as we’re keeping the call open for the rest of the month.

There’s no denying that it leaves us with a wonderful problem to have – choosing a cast from all the talent that has come forward. How will we go about processing these and making decisions? Well… Seyi, Dom, Joe, Rowan and I will have to work that out in a couple of weeks. Whilst we’ve had lots of casting experience in the past, each project brings unique challenges, and we simply do not have the resources to hold X Factor style open auditions. How we deal with the process will obviously be documented here.

In the meantime, we have a job to simply acknowledge the interest. We’ve tried to response to everyone who has corresponded to the 72 Project so far but this has obviously taken it up a gear. We are a tiny team in relation to most film productions so it is a challenge to simply politely acknowledge the interest. But the acknowledgement is very important, because we recognise that no-one has to take the time to apply, they do it because they are interested. And it is easy to become uninterested.

So, we have to love you and leave you for a little while whilst we send some emails. Thank you for all of your interest! We love the fact that you’ve even read this far!

James (on behalf of Dom, Seyi, Joe and Rowan too).


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