The thunder of hard work

Can you hear the deafening roar of our fingers typing? You should do, because there’s a New Year’s enthusiasm going on right now and we are absolutely kicking ass through the to-do list. If only it existed on a physical piece of paper so that it could be crossed out with a biro. Alas no, we are far too environmentally friendly for that.

Seriously though, casting call has gone live on a couple of websites. Proposal has gone off to conference organisers. Shed loads of script notes have come in for us to process. Work has been done ahead of our meeting with sponsors tomorrow (there was a typo in the recent post – I missed   £60k off the budget. Pants are browner than previously alluded to).

Those of you that have already been in touch about casting, you need not get in touch again, as we have your details. However, anyone else who wants to be considered for in front of camera should get in touch via the expression of interest page. It’s up until the end of January.

There’ll be more news soon. But for now, because we care, we give you kittens:




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