What’s going on?

The new year is perhaps a good point to keep you up to date with the latest news, especially as we break out of the Christmas inertia. There’s lots going on with various fronts of the production:

A provisional budget is done. The cost is constantly alarming and we’re working on the ways that it can be covered. I won’t go into the specific details here because it is data sensitive whilst we look for sponsors, but it is suffice to say that it comes in around £120k for the finished film. This figure colours my pants on a daily basis. Therefore…

We’re working on sponsorship. There’s a couple of meetings this week about this. Whereas we pride ourselves on transparency, when it comes to dollars and cents, we go black-box too. Needs must.

The event. Whereas we previously had the festivals, we know that ain’t happening this time around. So we’re working on the ways in which we can make an impression. We’re thinking stupidly big, which colours my pants much the same way that I mentioned before.

Building a community. Lots planned here, with courses in the pipeline, lots of talks over coming months, lots of opportunity. This is well underway already, but should become more visible in the coming months.

Casting. Specific casting calls start to go out next week.

Script revisions. Holy moly, draft three is going to be seismically different to previous drafts methinks. Ben Arntz is already back on board with a rewrite even before we’ve closed the calls on script suggestions, simply because we’ve got so many notes flying about. It is seriously exciting. I’m planning to write a proposal for an academic paper on our wiki-scripting process as I think it is kicking ass and would be of interest to all the writers out there who want accelerants to the drafting process.

All of this is in progress and will continue to be next week.




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