Final Production Meeting of 2013

The plan


Rowan decided to come up with a completely different plan for the 72 Project, which would fund it and provide the entertainment at the same time. Once we’d convinced Rowan that robbing a bank wasn’t a feasible option, we had our final production meeting of 2013.

We’ve been sorting plans to make the start of the New Year as smooth as possible. We’ve had a lot of expressions of interest in the project and we’re delighted that we have the positive problem of making a team from as many of  the applicants as possible. We’ve also received some great music, so it is really exciting. If you’re talking to anyone over the holidays who you think would be interested, please point them in the direction of our website. We’ll be keeping the expressions of interest open until the end of January. We’ll be putting out specific casting calls early in the New Year also, so keep your eyes open for those too.

Hopefully we’ll have a nice Christmas present for you at the start of next week, but we’re just waiting to hear back from Santa about whether you’ve been good or not.

Only kidding, we know you’re bad.



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