Stop the bus, I want to get off

It’s typical that the busier we get the less we blog. Recently has been crazy in the run up to Christmas and I can’t wait for the break.

I caught up with the students in Lichfield who were shooting the remake of Rear Window. You may remember that they were shooting it in 72 hours, but fortunately not having to edit in that timeframe. I went with the intention of finding out how they had got on, but I didn’t need to ask them anything to see that they were exhausted. One student, who had directed the outside unit, said the whole experience was a bit of a blur, and I immediately felt for him. I know exactly what he means, and it is difficult to reflect upon a process that has had such an effect upon you.

I liken it to psychological trauma. That was certainly how I felt after Galway. My mum was very worried as we went to stay in Clifden after the Fleadh in 2008, and all I did was sleep, eat and cry. Ha ha. I was more prepared in Melbourne and I spent the three days after the 72 crossing Australia on the Indian Pacific train in first class! I’m sure others felt like it was trauma though. Don’t worry, we are working on ways to reduce the stress of the 72 every single time. This is the benefit of cumulative thought!

Also this week I visited the Birmingham Film Studios meet up. I met some lovely faces, old and new. Here is a picture as we sat down to watch some films:

2013-12-06 19.27.07I’m working on a few things at the studio at the moment, mostly 72 related. I’ll share all of that here when the right time comes.

The expressions of interest are still coming in. I’m really happy at the enthusiasm and desire that is demonstrated by these emails. It really helps to keep the momentum going in the moments when you think ‘why are we doing this??’ PING! an email arrives with the answer.

And that keeps us going, especially in these busy times, so thank you.



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