Advent has begun, and it is almost Christmas! That will either please you or scare the hell out of you, so we’ll try and stay secular and not mention it too much in the coming weeks.

November was a good month for the 72 for a variety of different reasons but I want to focus on one in particular; growth. All the web stats indicate a healthy month-by-month increase for the last four consecutive months now; maintaining that growth will be difficult over the silly season but we must do it, as we don’t want a dip in engagement upon our statistics in the coming months when we are looking for funding. So, one way you can help us out this month is by giving our website a bloody good browse and helping our stats!

Unfortunately this alone won’t be enough, as we’re also on the hunt for unique hits (different users). The good news is that you can help here too, especially in the coming weeks when we begin to kick off the true audience engagement – we’ll be asking for the people who want to be in front or behind of the camera! When the time comes (not yet!), please share our details with anyone who you think would be interested in being involved, as we want to create as much opportunity for people to engage as possible; from the kids looking to put a film on their CV to the pensioners looking to tick off something on their bucket list. We may be the project for them!

All that remains to be said is ‘thank you’. If you are reading this right now, those thanks are for you. We really appreciate the support and we’re working on making something really special to pay you back.

Happy Christmas, December!



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