Ways to make you pay

We’ve been grappling with the business side of filmmaking lately, sorting out the funding elements. Invariably less glamourous than the filmmaking that you see on the DVD extras. I’ve made a little video in case anyone is stupid enough to not realise why this kind of activity isn’t very interesting for a documentary (who would want to see more producing in a filmmaking documentary!? Anyone?!).

The word of the week is ‘perks’. A funky word that translates to ‘ways to make you pay’. We’re having to develop a few in order to fund our grand ambitions. If you’re not using that penny jar in the corner of your bedroom, we’ll happily take it off your hands! Yes, it sounds (and feels) creepy to be asking, especially when your consideration and attention is privilege alone, but we’ve got to feed and accommodate people. Shucks. In all seriousness, the reason these conversations don’t go on in public is because it is all based around terms such as ‘rights exploitation’ and ‘merchandising’, all of which takes it back to being a purely ‘consumption-based’ relationship, whereas we are keener to engage in a two-way conversation with the audience instead of reducing it down to just asking you to buy whatever it is we make.

We’re obviously not the only ones in this boat. Lots of artistic endeavours are trying the circle the square of ‘how to make it pay’. But it remains a challenge for us all, especially in difficult financial times, and ones where there is a super-abundance of shiny things that want your attention. We’re working on why you need to choose (and support) us. And I hope what we have planned works…



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