Meanwhile, elsewhere

I was in Lichfield College in the week where the students are preparing to reshoot Rear Window (yes, the Hitchcock one) in 72 hours. I visited just as all the preparation was going on. I realised how much I love seeing all the prep. You can change the plan if you have a plan, but you can’t change the plan if you don’t have one. It plays such a huge psychological part upon the cast and crew. Everyone feels a lot more comfortable when there is a clear trajectory ahead!

I’m hoping to visit them on set next week to see if the planning worked. There’s certainly a lot to get through in 72 hours and with roughly the same daylight hours that we had in Australia with Des and Mo. The crew are split into two units of interior and exterior, so they should get most of it done in one go and then double up to finish it off faster. They have compressed Hitchcock’s classic into 60 minutes so it should be doable, especially as it is quite static on locations. Unfortunately we’re spread across 10+ locations on the 72 this time round, and keen to break the 90 minutes barrier. It’ll be good to see how this team gets on…



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