The Local Factor

I mentioned the foreign factor yesterday. Now let’s look at the local factor.   Whilst people in Birmingham were excited by the recent BBC series depicting the Peaky Blinders, many were upset that it wasn’t filmed locally. In fact, quite a bit of production has left Birmingham in the last few years, and the production base of freelancers and specialists has tended to go with it. There is a lamentation surrounding the lack of film activity in the area. So perhaps we can tap into a sentiment of a different kind, demonstrating that film is still happening in the region.

I don’t want to get into the pros and cons of having a film making culture in a city, as it has been explored so many times in so many places. What I will say is that localisation does carry a sense of pride. WE made that, it is a reflection of OUR effort. We must be able to tap into local pride, whilst simultaneously reaching out to an audience that we can export to.

There lies another challenge that we must meet.



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