This week

We continue to gather pace. I was busy over the weekend at Worcestershire Film Festival and today I gave a presentation at the University of Worcester about the 72 project. It was exciting to meet some new faces who want to play a part in the adventure next year. The process of meeting like-minded people is rewarding in any situation, perhaps more so in filmmaking where it can sometimes be made to feel like some dog-eat-dog super-competition of individualism, yet it relies so heavily on team work.

On Wednesday we’ll see the presentations from the MSc students on the topic of fundraising, then we’ll sit and develop a master plan of the back of their research. I’m really excited to see what they come up with. I’m certainly loving their input so far.

In the background we are working on the script all the while. In fact we’re in a pretty robust schedule throughout the last few weeks and the coming months. I broke down the process into the MSc plan. We’re systematically going through each of these film elements with a fine tooth comb before we hit the production itself. As we’ve said before, we’ll share it all here so you can see what we are up to.

In sadder news, the Spotted Dog got a knuckle wrapping for showing films. We benefitted from the Filum night with screenings of ‘Watching & Waiting’ and ‘The Ballad of Des & Mo’. To see this kind of activity hit the wall because of the Old World of ‘film licensing’ is a disappointment. It was more of an educational platform than a serious threat to the multiplex. It remains to be seen whether something can economically afford to take its place. I doubt it. We’ll have to bare this in mind when trying to screen the 72. Another hurdle for independent filmmakers in the region to overcome. We’ll add it to the list.



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