Talking up the past

I’ve attended and presented at quite a few filmmaking talks over the years. It’s always a bit difficult to compress the gamut of emotions or actions that took place when making a film into an hour long talk. It’s open to all of the problems of narrative fallacy, linking loads of disparate information and creating a story out of it, making connections that weren’t there. The reality of the filmmaking process is that there are multiple people all working in different capacities, with different perspectives, who all interpret the same events in different ways. It’s a complex process. It is for this reason that I write production diaries, because it is a way of remembering the good and the bad, and the ugly. It is often contradictory. Such is life.

Whilst we’re documenting the 72 as we go along, it isn’t the first time I’ve documented the process. Gabby and I wrote up the process as we went through Peppermint, which is being screened tonight in Worcester, and you can read it here.


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