Script work



More planning is underway on the script. We’ve deconstructed Ben’s script and we’re now building it back up using similar tropes to our research into polyphonic scripts. You may think it would have been easier to do the research and then write the script; I can assure you it isn’t easier. It was a creative dead end in fact. There is so much complexity involved in when these characters enter, interact and engage that trying to structure it beforehand just leads to chaos on the page. It could probably happen over a larger period of time but Ben didn’t have time – he had one month to write the whole film! In actual fact, Ben wrote three separate stories and then intertwined them for the interactions between characters. We’ve added a fourth strand and had to interweave it too. Once they were interweaved with characters crossing between stories, we then separated them again to work out the linear order in which these should appear on screen. Dom explains it a little clearer in this video:

From here we have to redraft Ben’s script, and then we plan to put it out to the world at large for more input.

Exciting times.



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