Parallel/Series and The Directors (Part V)

2013-11-08 15.47.50


You know it is pretty serious when the whiteboard comes out. We were script structuring and playing with logistics yesterday, which was exciting (if you like that sort of thing). Brendan and I haven’t had a chance to see one another for over a week but we’re in constant contact about all the good work that he is developing too. When we get a chance, we’ll dissect all of the information and share it with you. Currently, it is the classic situation of being too busy to blog! It’s great that this time around, there are multiple thing seeing developed by different teams all simultaneously, which is such an improvement on the previous 72 projects. Whilst we did separate tasks previously, it was always much closer to the 72 itself, which meant that lots of the development work was done in series instead of parallel. It will be interesting to see how this parallel development impacts upon the final project!

Here is another episode of the Directors. This episode is probably my favourite, as the producer is classic.



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