The Directors (Part II) and the agenda

Today I’m due to sit with the crew and go through the script, along with some notes that Ben Arntz sent me. I think we’ll put together another draft before we open it up for everyone to get involved, just because we there’s potential for it to run off in one hundred different directions if we don’t shape it a little more. Ben’s done a great job on what is a really difficult task; the polyphonic structure was a beast to work with, but he has managed it where I couldn’t. Fair play to Ben!

We’ve also been working on hypothetical budgets up until this point, but now we have a script draft, we can get a little more precision. I’m not sure I want to get more precision about how little money we have, but we have to do it.

Tonight there is a meet-up of the local filmmakers in Birmingham also (which conveniently happens in my local pub), so there’ll no doubt be some business there too.

Speaking of the art and the business, here’s some more from Jack & Marcus:


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