Running the numbers



The other day I mentioned how we are collating and analysing the audience stats. This sounds sinister and creepy but in reality, it is no different from what any other film production does. We are effectively calibrating the project towards it’s final purpose – being seen by an audience. Whilst we can make a great piece of art, we will have done a disservice to everyone involved if no-one comes to see it.

For this reason we analyse the engagement stats to see who is interested and who isn’t. The fact that you are reading these words right now mean that you are an early adopter of the 72 project, someone who has taken an interest in our project eight months before it actually happens! This is a vital part of our project, because it rests upon you to spread the word to get more people interested in what we are doing (no pressure!).

The reason that we are having to be so meticulous about the process this time around, is because we don’t have the demographics of a festival to build towards. We knew when we made ‘Des & Mo’ what the audience make-up of the Melbourne International Film Festival was. This time is different, we have a slightly more complex audience to cater for that isn’t as clearly defined; and that is what this process is about – defining it.

It could all happen quite quietly in the background, and in regular cinema, it does. The only reason I’m sharing this process with you is because we agreed to be transparent, right? Welcome to the business end of the film process…




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