Back to the roots

One of the big differences of the project this time around is we can dedicate more time in the run up to the film engaging with the community. This wasn’t possible in Galway and Melbourne as we hit the ground running and had to get the film made.

What do I mean by engaging with the community and why is it important in filmmaking? Well, I’ve arranged about six different school and college visits where I can go in and give talks about filmmaking and then offer a way for people to get involved. This might not seem like a big deal, but the problem with filmmaking is that the opportunities to actually ‘get into’ the business are quite limited. It remains a nepotistic industry where ‘who you know’ counts more than ‘what you know’. Coming from an educational institution, that doesn’t feel right to me. So we’re looking for ways not only to empower people by getting them involved, but also inspiring them by simply having opportunities in their sight. I’m happy even if people don’t get involved, but get inspired by our process to do something creative of their own.

I have already done one of these talks and I have another two lined up in November, including one at my old school. I’m also delighted that I’ll be screening my first film Peppermint in the Worcestershire Film Festival on Saturday 16th November at 8pm, with a talk before hand at 4pm in the Jenny Lind Chapel.



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