Building a plan

Raindance logoThe last two days have been spent with two sets of postgraduate students. The first were in Raindance, where some of our students are studying upon the MA/MSc in Film by Negotiated Learning. I helped to develop this award with Carl Schoenfeld and Elliot Grove in 2011, in response to the other problem with academic film courses – not all of it is relevant. Carl actually appears in my own thesis, hence the connection. This course was designed after my own frustration at being forced to learn Italian Neorealist and German Expressionist cinema in my own Masters. Not that I don’t love all that stuff, I just don’t want the classification of my degree hanging upon it. Either way, the students had some exciting projects on the go, and I was very proud. I spoke to Elliot a couple of weeks ago when I was in Raindance, and we’ve agreed that we’ll post some of our guest blogs through their website in the run up to the filming itself.

Today I was with the MSc Digital Feature Film students back at the ranch in Staffordshire University. We were putting some plans together on the 72, and jamming on ideas, dates and timelines. Very exciting stuff.┬áThe net effect of hanging out with these postgrads (and the postgrads in Dublin), is that the 72 is forced into remaining contemporary and at the front of the field in terms of innovation. Combined we’ve got 50+ postgrads exploring the cutting edge of filmmaking, and I take an interest in it all.

In Galway 2008 we were considered mad to even attempt making films in 72 hours, now people may assume it is easy. Whilst there is loads that we can say to argue that it isn’t so, the reality is that it has been done before. So in the coming weeks we’ll be going deeper into the differences that means that nothing like this has ever been done before.



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