When Ted & Christine came to town

I was talking to Gareth Nolan the other night in Dublin. He was an editor on both Watching & Waiting and The Ballad of Des & Mo. He is also the most popular person in I’ve Got This Idea For A Film, always joking when others are crying or dying. We were discussing the next 72 and he was keen on the polyphonic storyline and it’s implications for the edit (i.e. the edit may less stressful this time… yeah right). We were discussing our filmmaking plans in general, and the other things we had going on in our lives, and I was reminded of the privilege that we have being able to pursue our films. It reminded me of when John Bradburn and I invited Ted Hope & Christine Vachon to the Spotted Dog and they spoke about their exciting and varied lives in the film business. And yes there was a language of crisis and memories of when it was an easier time to make films, but they always spoke with a sense that they had been the lucky ones. I felt my conversation with Gareth was like that the other night. We’re the lucky ones. I hope anyone who engages in making ‘Out of Babel’ can carry that sense of privilege too, as we are indeed the lucky ones.


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