Getting out there

The next few months are becoming quite busy with different occasions where I am going out to different groups of people to promote the 72 and get people involved. Whereas in Australia I was communicating to the groups that primarily organised themselves through the internet (e.g; Couchsurfing), this time around I am visiting schools, colleges and festivals months in advance. It is perhaps more important this time around as the surface area of the project is larger with the polyphonic storyline. There is lots more opportunity for people to be involved.

I’ve received quite a bit of contact from people already about helping out on the ground when the filming starts, but if there are people out there who want to get involved with script editing, marketing and possible screenings, or anything else that you think we can be done remotely, get in touch. Or if you think someone else would be interested, forward them a link and get them to get in touch!


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