Profile No.2: It’s Joe

JoeFilm & literature have occupied my senses since I was a small child. The simple reason for this is that I love storytelling. With an imagination fed on wonderful characters, grand set pieces and timeless stories, I can think of no better job than to emulate this on the big screen to be enjoyed time and again.

I have worked on various local projects in the Midlands (including shorts, music videos & documentaries) in the past few years. I am hard working, helpful, inventive and driven.  I have recently started producing films with other local talent under the name Vista Calista. We have shot a successful short horror film, Der Kindermorder, which achieved the most awards and nominations at a 48hr film competition. We are currently shooting another film, Ochus Bochus, using innovative digital technology. The short will be one of the first productions in the world to do so.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Msc in DFF Production. I am hoping to meet likeminded people and to become a valued asset in feature film productions from the knowledge I will gain. Working on features is my ultimate goal and being a part of this course will aid me greatly.  The 72 Project offers a great opportunity that no other timed film event provides; instead of splitting film makers into teams, it brings them all together on the same project, working towards the same vision.  I am drawn to this holistic and comradely approach. I look forward being an integral part to the finished project!



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