Last night

Last night we had a preliminary production meeting to scope out the project and how it might unfold in Birmingham. My sincere thanks to all those that came. I’m glad we outnumbered the Lithuanian basketball fans so that they had to watch the match in the garden (those of you who weren’t there, don’t assume that Lithuanian basketball only gets a handful at the Spotted Dog).

The ‘humble beginnings’ is always a difficult part of any project, because building the critical mass and belief in the project takes a while. It was made easier in the past with the endorsement of an existing festival, which pricks people’s ears up. In this day-and-age, when there is so much competing for our attention, the endorsement that someone else already has faith in you means a great deal. However, we have to start from scratch, which is an exciting prospect because we can build that engagement on our own terms, instead of grappling with the reputation and expectation that comes from being within a festival.

The bonus of last night is that there was enthusiasm in the room. Skepticism is never welcome in the 72 and fortunately those who attended were already aware of what we need – ENTHUSIASM!

In the coming weeks the project will start to take a greater shape and make big advances on all fronts, which means lots more news coming your way. I mentioned that I was getting helpers, which is a cheeky way of saying that ‘Out of Babel’ will be the focus of five postgraduate students for the entire year. They will form the spine around most of the production work. I’ll introduce them to you later.

On a different note, this month has been the most successful for the 72 project in terms of web-visitors since we launched it in October 2011. This is a really positive sign and I hope that we can continue to build upon the interest as it will be critical to the film being a success.

Thanks for your continued interest! I hope we can pay you back with an awesome film!



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