Earlier this week I was in Amsterdam for the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) checking out the technology and wondering what could be done with so much potential. Here are some of the pictures from inside the 14 dark halls of gadgetry.

The sad reality is that in the years between Des & Mo and now, the technology has changed once again. However, it is important that we don’t become faddish. I joked in Melbourne that if we were to do it again, every one would expect 3D. I still don’t think it is worth it, even with all the hype that has gone into it in the last few years. I hope that all of our advances in technology this time around will be in broadcasting the action as it happens behind camera, as well as a slightly more robust post-production solution that doesn’t require the soul of Mike Fisher to perish on set.

Amsterdam isn’t all dark halls of the exhibition centre. Here are some pictures of the streets where you can be run down by bicycles, trams and cars in any order that you choose.

Tonight is the production meeting at the Spotted Dog. I’ll post once I have some news.

Ik zie je later!



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