Everything you know is wrong

Every project has a different set of challenges. This is no different. Every time we’ve made a 72 we are in a different city, with a different set of logistics. Changing locations means changing almost everything: crew, equipment, accommodation, story lines. Most of the things that applied to the last film are no longer relevant. Even the technology moves on, so the workflows aren’t the same either. Obviously, we relish the challenge. I say we because there are a small few who have been on the different projects and offer the smallest element of continuity.

Birmingham will be different from Galway, Melbourne and Derry. All were having festivals, which we won’t have this time round. Will this be a limitation? We’ve have to wait and see. To some extent the programme of events can prove to be a restriction as much as any thing else. The 72 has never occupied the space of “the main event” and wasn’t going to be in Derry either. Maybe we can reverse this trend?

What we hope to capitalise on is the ‘home’ advantage. We can do things here that we couldn’t do elsewhere in the world. We can flex some muscle 🙂 I wrote about aims and objectives a couple of years ago for Ted Hope. Let’s make some new ones now:

1) This film must be better than the ones before: How will we measure this? Let’s say film festival screenings. It will have more, despite losing the head start of not appearing in one. “Des & Mo” had six by invitation. Can it make an audience Top Ten like “Des & Mo” did? The bar is pretty high.

2) We must make it commercially available: No more clowning around. Everyone knows we can make a film in 72 hours, but will people pay for it? Being able to pay for it even if they wanted to would be a huge leap on from the previous 72 projects.

3) We go web: Being local is cute, but this time we really want to free the access up and broadcast the action as it happens. The technology is there, so why don’t we use it?

4) I’m not directing: That’s right, I’m not. More on this later.

5) It’s the kitchen sink: More guest blogs than before, more press than before, more bloody more more. We’re not greedy, just ambitious. How will we measure this? Facebook fans ? We had 1800+ before an idiot threw proverbial toys from proverbial pram. Blog posts for guests? We had 16 last time around. Who knows? We’ll know we’ve done ourselves proud if we smash these previous numbers!

Right. I’m going back to the scriptwriting. Which is a pain in the ass. I’ll tell you why later this week.




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