Out of Babel

Those of you who know the previous 72 projects know that music has been central to the core of the project, with a lyric preceding the action and providing a loose theme for the movie. In the case of The Ballad of Des & Mo for example, is a direct nod to ‘The Ballad of John & Yoko’ – “Christ you know it ain’t easy, You know how hard it can be.” ‘Watching & Waiting’ is a song by the Moody Blues. Well, in keeping with the spirit of 72, I’ve been working off of a song called ‘Out of Babel’ by a band called the Destroyers.

A few weeks ago, I visited Paul Murphy, a lovely gentleman who used to front ‘The Destroyers’. We spoke for hours about our work and we shared many similar approaches to education, technology and art. It was a really lovely evening. He parted from the Destroyers by mutual consent earlier in the year, but hopefully, if all permissions and consents go through, we’ll get to use their lovely music as part of the project. I’m working hard to make sure that this happens, as I think their work is incredible. Here is a sneaky peek of their album, ‘Out Of Babel’, which will give you an impression of the sonic tone that we are going for with the next movie.

As I mentioned, the music has previously informed the theme of the film, so I will go into more detail soon about the story ideas that have spun out as a result of this choice.

I’m excited.


P.S. Rickee – further down the line we may squeeze some of Ben’s tunes in (just to make it three 72’s!) but thinking he may be into a bit of acting instead?! Ben?



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