Berlinale update #2

Aside from being exhausted, everything here is good. I still haven’t met a philanthropic millionaire with an interest in rapid filmmaking, but I have met many other fascinating and interesting people.

Last night I was at the British Embassy, where Talent Campus students got to hob-nob with experts over a lovely dinner. I have got a wallet full of business cards and receipts. That’s how I roll. I have taken some pictures of an important person stood next to some art sculpture in funky colours. I can’t upload them on the internet connection I’m on unfortunately. You’ll have to wait to see the hob-nobs I hang out with 🙂 Ken Loach was there (reluctantly). He was bemoaning the way that directors and writers are not and cannot be the same and how we should all join the union. He was less favourable about the union with a big ‘U’, lamenting the Union Jack being pasted over the embassy. Felt I should ask whether he’d be up for some 72 hour filmmaking in Derry/ Londonderry but was certain he’d tell me to fuck off.

Today I have been discussing sustainability within filmmaking. Not sustainability in the sense that I usually explore (alternative models) but being environmental. I got into a discussion about the wastefulness of filmmaking and ways we could improve it. I definitely believe in this being a consideration of new models. When previous models were constructed they were done at a time when such considerations were not prominent. The fact that our film models haven’t changed means that the culture of the set is difficult to change. Very interesting stuff.


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