Berlinale update #1

Hello from Berlin. The festival is well underway and so is the Talent Campus. I’m enjoying the whole experience but I’m fairly exhausted already (having a party on Friday probably didn’t help). The Talent Campus is a series of lectures, classes and networking event designed to encourage development and collaboration. Here is a picture of our breakfast. Note the networking, cinema watching whilst eating jamboree. No time for sleep my peeps.


Earlier last week I gave a lecture at Konrad Wolf Film School in Babelsburg, and listening to their final year student projects. It was interesting to listen to their own experiments with technology. I also visited with some of my own students. Here are their cherub faces outside the same gates that I stood at three months ago.

BabelsburgInglorious Basterds.... was filmed here


Last night I went to see Michael Winterbottom’s new film ‘The Look of Love’. The stars were present in the audience and it got a warm reception. The ceremony and glamour of these events is fascinating. Big buildings, tuxedos and red carpets, but audience in jeans and hoodies to stave off the cold outside. This is showbusiness at its most blatant.  It is difficult to determine whether the audience loved the movie or the sense of occasion. Here’s what I mean:

The audiencePosh frocks and winter socksWe benefitted hugely from the sense of occasion in Melbourne. I’m not naive enough to believe that our film beat many others to make the Audience Top Ten without the help of the ‘event’ and ‘occasion’ to boost the audience response. The festival is awash with the usual conversation about reaching audiences, but it seems a bit like Groundhog Day repeating itself. It is no secret that I believe we must develop new ways of connecting with audiences instead of trying to perpetuate the same model and trying to kick back against all those who don’t want to play by the rules (pirates, argh!)

I may write some more thoughts on that later. Right now I must work the room. Where’s my business cards?





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