City of Culture 2013

So it starts. 2013 in the year that Derry/Londonderry has the City of Culture title. There are a series of events and cultural activities being planned throughout the year, the 72 project being one of them. But for me it starts next week, when I’m visiting the University of Ulster for the MeCCSA conference and delivering a paper on the 72 project. I’m very excited! Hopefully there will be a screening of ‘I’ve Got This Idea For A Film‘ too, just so the locals can see what they are letting themselves in for.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time travelling to the city in 2012, and I highly recommend it for a visit. I know it is a long way off of your holidays (most people are having to pay for their Christmas break first, either through diets or overdrafts), but please consider a trip to Derry in 2013. It is a wonderful city with so much history engrained in every street, and this year is a wonderful opportunity to see it at its best!


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