Meanwhile in Luton

I presented the 72 project at an academic seminar in the University of Bedfordshire yesterday and got quite exhausted tying up all of the different elements that make the project. From the idealism of the original idea to the pragmatism of executing it, SWOT analysis hell, case study nightmare, Powerpoint diarrhea. How this will shape into a thesis I have no idea.

One discussion popped up at the end about whether part of the 72 has succeeded in tandem with the cultural climate, or whether this is purely a technological pursuit. To what extent are audiences interested in the transparency within the sources of their consumption? We like to know what food we are eating but does this extend to the media we watch? Certainly the hacking scandal in the UK has led to many questioning the ethics of what gets made and by who. Is the 72 interesting just because it is a race against time for a select few, or is it interesting because it is a wider, punky deflation of the pomp around filmmaking? What is appealing? The transparency? Is it inspiring? I couldn’t really answer, because I don’t know what draws you to the project. I’m interested in knowing!!! What can we do better this time? What would you like to see? How will we make this 72 the best yet?




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