Status updates

Two posts in two days. We spoil you sometimes. I’m currently enjoying the wonderful free wi-fi at Derry airport prior to my flight back to Birmingham. I’ve just had a meeting with Margo and Stephen (his performances last night at the Playhouse were incredible). We started to shape the project a little more in terms of themes and topics… I’m not going to explain any of it here, not for secrecy, but for the simple fact that we’re planning it to be a bit more complex than a linear Des and Mo storyline. This isn’t just for style, it’s also to include more talent! In the same way that Altman crammed ideas into his scripts, we’re keen to cram talent into the production. It’s all part of celebrating the talent that is here!!!

I can share a key provisional decision though. We’re aiming for August. The daylight is obviously key, and the fact that we want it to be inclusive and an empowering, inspiring experience for young filmmakers and actors. August gives us this opportunity. That said, making a 72 is a logistical adventure that will chop and change as all the factors come into consideration. Unlike before, there is no festival to hold us to a fixed schedule, which is either a blessing or a curse. Sometimes these parameters are useful, as they create and enforce immovable obstacles that you must overcome. Soft deadlines can be abused.

The academic element of this project goes up a notch this week. I’m presenting in the University of Bedfordshire’s RIMAD seminar on Wednesday as a dry run for the MeCCSA conference in Derry in January. I understand ‘I’ve Got This Idea For A Film’ will be screened in the Nerve Centre as part of the conference, which is great. For those who are scratching their heads at the notion of an ‘academic’ part to this project, remember that it grew out of my Masters thesis at UCD and a conversation with Conor Murphy (who now leads the MSc in Digital Feature Film Production in Filmbase, Dublin). We’re not chin stroking theorists though… something we intend to prove, once and for all, in Derry in 2013.



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