Where we are at…

Hello from a very wet Derry. I really hope we don’t face weather conditions like this if we film here. It reminds me of Melbourne and the storms they had there whilst we were filming. Or the first day in Galway, which was also torrential. My fingers are crossed.

Today I visited the University of Ulster’s Coleraine campus and met some of the second year students to pitch the 72 project to them. A few seem really interested in getting involved, and I notice a few have joined the Facebook group, so hello to you! 🙂 I spent some time talking with their lecturer Jim Curran who has a great deal of experience of working with Margo Harkin through Derry Film and Video, and Pearse Moore at the Nerve Centre in Derry. It’s great because there really is a great heritage of culture in the city, and tonight I’m off to see Stephen Rea direct and perform in two plays at the Playhouse theatre, resurrecting his involvement with the prestigious Field Day theatre. These wonderful creative people, who have sustained collaborations over decades, should be an incredible inspiration to the students here. I really hope the 72 project can be instrumental in establishing new collaborations and a new wave of talent that stretches out into the future.  It’s bold to compare our little project to such culturally significant ventures such as Derry Film and Video, Field Day or Nerve, but there is no value in being meek about our ambitions; whilst the City of Culture is a celebration of Derry’s cultural heritage, it’s also about demonstrating there is a rich cultural future too.


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