Steady growth

Despite the blog title sounding like a medical condition, this ‘steady growth’ is actually a good thing. I’m referring to the increasing numbers that are engaging with the 72 project as we get closer to the event itself. This is particularly important for this project because it isn’t about growing an audience to consume a product, it is about growing a community that can collaborate on the film. The simple fact never goes away: shooting, editing and screening a feature film in 72 hours requires a team!

This steady growth is demonstrated through the website traffic, which averaged 16 unique visitors a day in November (14 in October, 13 September, 7 in August). This doesn’t sound like much, but at a point where only three or four people are actually working on this project (none of us full time), it is exciting to see interest grow. I’m also receiving plenty of messages from people who want to be involved, so this excites me also. How we are going to design the team this time is unknown as yet, but I’m sure we will have some of the most talented people on board if the enquiries are anything to by.

I’m off to Derry this Wednesday, so I’ll have more news in the week.



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