Oh December!

The flights are booked for another visit to Derry to put some more ground work in on this project. We’ve managed to squeeze a few days in at the end of next week, which is impressive considering schedules before Christmas. I’ll be coming straight back and then onto a wedding in Bristol before going to deliver a research seminar on the 72 project and a school talk about filmmaking all before the holy day. And all my student assessment, but I hate thinking about that. This is the dreaded part of the year where people say ‘it won’t happen this year’. 2013 is starting to appear in the diary. This scares the shit out of me because it then means we are facing a 72 project on the same page of the calendar. There is some kind of protection when you can say that we are making it next year. In one month that protection is gone.

Creatively it has been a manic time recently, as I hope to put out two books next year as well as the film, and these have been taking ages to write. One is quite simply a hulk of pages about 72 hour filmmaking and how it is possible, why it is stupid, why it is awesome etc… I hope to have this ready for the next project. It has been catharsis collecting up all my notes and preparing to finish this bad-boy once and for all. I know there has been an on-going joke that I’ve always said ‘never again’, but I really cannot see any way of building on this project if what we have planned for next year actually comes off. It should be special.


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