IrishFilmFesta in Rome – one year on

Early December will see the 6th edition of Susanna Pellis’ excellent IrishFilmFesta in Rome. Whilst they are just finalising the programme, I can cheekily say that the students from Dublin have had their feature ‘Keys To The City’ selected. I am so proud of them, as the course is going from strength to strength thanks to their strong start. Here’s a poster: POSTER ROME KEYS TO THE CITY

This festival is particularly important to me as I thoroughly enjoyed presenting ‘The Ballad of Des & Mo’ there and subsequently meeting Stephen Rea, which has led to this latest 72 adventure. He actually appears in this year’s opening film, Stella Days. The festival is therefore providing an important catalyst for developing audiences for filmmakers and seeking to encourage collaboration. You can find out more about the festival (including ways to support it!) here.

In 72 news, I spent yesterday wrestling with social media settings, as it appears that Facebook once again has changed the way you view pages. So unless you specify that you’d like to read about the 72 project, it doesn’t immediately appear in your feed. This has a dramatic effect on sharing news, as usually posts are seen by 200+ people and read by 60+, but only 16 saw the last post, all of whom clicked through. It’s a bit geeky to be reading these statistics, but you can see the challenges that face events like IrishFilmFesta and the 72 project if they can’t reach their audiences effectively. Ho hum… we shall persevere!


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