Next week I’m in Berlin for a study visit. I’m studying vocational qualifications in a European context and it includes a trip to the film school in Babelsberg film studios so I’m very interested. I actually went to the UFA studios there after making Watching & Waiting in 2009 with some work for Fremantle Media, who went on to sponsor us in Melbourne with office space. Lovely people that they are. I’m really excited about going back.

I’m also excited about catching up with other 72 folk. Berlin has always been close to the 72 project. I haven’t discussed it with Ben Arntz yet, but I’m hoping to get some story ideas from him! He has been an influence in all of the scripts so far, and he is the reason that Mike says ‘intercourse’ to Mo instead of ‘sex’, because Ben felt it was funnier, which it is!!! I also hope to catch up with Jette, who was our production manager in Melbourne. I miss her lots so it will be great to catch up.

It will great to see these dear friends outside of the 72 project, but also interesting to get their thoughts on the idea of doing it all again.



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