Back to where all this crazy journey began. The Filmbase students are graduating tomorrow night at the Lighthouse cinema in Smithfield with their film ‘Keys To The City’, which is so exciting. We screened Watching & Waiting there in October 2008. It is crazy how we’ve all moved on. Conor Murphy, Andy Paton, John Bradburn and myself are all from the 72 project and involved in the teaching of the MSc, so it is a proud moment, and hopefully Tom Prentice, Gareth Nolan, Jim Smith and a few other faces from the previous two adventures can join us in celebrating tomorrow night. Also, on Saturday, I’m looking forward to seeing Kate O’Toole onstage at the Abbey. That should be really cool. Dublin is still at the heart of this project…

There’s been great stuff going on with other 72 alumni also. John Petropoulos, of Des & Mo storyboarding fame, had released a new website. Check it out here. Ben Arntz, whose music is in both the 72 films, has made new tunes here and Andy Paton and John Bradburn have been making music videos here. What makes the 72’s so fun is all the talented people who get involved. If you’re interested in helping out in future, get in touch through the website!




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