Altman, snails and academic legacies

The summer nights are getting shorter and for those of us on an academic calendar, a new semester is about to begin. I’m particularly excited as the courses that spun out from the 72 project are about to take in their second cohorts. I’m looking forward to meeting the new students in Dublin and London in the coming weeks. Randy Finch wrote a great blog about the changing face of film education and used the Raindance example as being at the front of that change. Carl Schoenfeld and I are off to the Media Education Summit tomorrow to present a paper on these developments. Exciting times indeed.

I’ve been swatting up on Robert Altman, this time away from his films and more on his opinions and approaches to filmmaking. He is a fascinating character in himself. Check out this clip of him on Youtube (it can’t be embedded). If you can ignore the microphone in the top of the shot, take a listen to his thoughts on the writers, which is a common theme throughout the book Altman on Altman. The plan is to have a different writer upon this 72 project, which is a collaboration I’m looking forward to have. Shaping a script that can be shot in 72 hours is quite a challenge, but one that I think most writers would enjoy the adventure!

In other news, I’ve taken some time to go to the opposite end of filmmaking for my most recent project. After all of the charging around on the 72 project, I’ve slowed everything down and made a film about snails with a tiny crew and cast, with little dialogue. It should be finished soon, and you can find more out about it here.

There is some news going on in the background of the 72 project, but I’m not sharing any of it here until any of it is concrete. Suffice to say, we are looking to make this project bigger and better than the previous films, otherwise there would be no point in doing it.

I’ll give you more news when I have it. Be patient!




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