A new year, a new home

I usually fear change, but the old blog was huffing and puffing and slowing my computer down. Too much emotional baggage I presume. It’s all in the past now.

“What’s the point in setting up a new blog? This project is finished!” I think you think. Not quite my peeps. There’s some life in the old beauty yet. And it ain’t finished until I hand my PhD thesis in and someone gives me a doctorate, so we’ve got a REALLY long way to go yet.

First things first. For the last three years we’ve enjoyed a 72 party in Berlin as part of the Berlinale. This year is no different. We’re screening ‘I’ve Got This Idea For A Film’ on Saturday 11th February, and then a documentary that I made in the Sahara. So it’s a documentary fest! Don’t say we don’t educate you as well!

“Who is this royal ‘we’?” I think you think. Well, peeps from the first 72 from Galway will remember the legendary producer Conor Murphy. We’ve set up a Masters course in Dublin and we’re going to be partying because we are pleased with ourselves.

And there may well be more news nearer the time. Ooh suspense.



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