The one with no video…

Apologies for asking you read this as opposed to watching it. I was burgled on Thursday and one lucky thief got away with the computer I was using to record video diaries for 72. I haven’t yet ruled out whether this was the reason it was stolen in the first place, as some of them were pretty bad. Either way, we’ll end January with a text-based update as opposed to a video one.

Both Gary Hoctor and I are quite pleased to see the back of January in all honesty. The little dispute over websites and the recent theft are just two of the low points, but the whole month in general could be written off as a month of great potential yet little progress. There are still so many ‘irons in the fire’, but few have come good for us yet. It is not something that is setting off alarm bells for us, but it is frustrating.

However, being the eternal optimist, I can see February being an entirely different situation. The FUNraiser in Berlin will be awesome. There is also a meeting with a potential sponsor at the end of the month and there is some really exciting news on the script front that I hope I can publicise later. One 72 volunteer, Andrew Brown, will be landing in Melbourne in the next few weeks also, and I hope to get the other Melbourne based volunteers set up and busy too. So February will be a month of real progress. On the downside, I turn 29, which is perhaps the most depressing element, but we’ll gloss over that.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, and hope to post a video up here again soon!



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